New modem DX350 from Sazz Internet

Sazz releases new Greenpacket DX-350 modem for sale.

New Greenpacket DX-350 modem has high signal reception. Two devices can be connected to the modem by LAN cable and upto ten devices can be connected through Wifi. You can surf internet with speeds upto 10Mbps by connecting to high speed wireless SAZZ Wimax network using this modem.

Price of the modem is AZN150 and monthly subscription fee for internet service is AZN25.

You can buy the modem from the Main Office of Sazz located in 17B, Suleyman Rustam Street, Baku, Azerbaijan as well as from other Sazz Sales outlets. You can also order by calling our Hotline 191.

Please contact Hotline 191 for additional information.